It all began with a desire to travel and with our first camper called "The Old Man"

From the name of the first camper it is clear that we did not buy some shiny new van. We didn't even want that. We mainly wanted to travel, explore, try something new, and because we are group of young designers, we wanted to fix everything with our own hands. And so it happened...

From what started as a "simple roof repair", we ended up doing a complete reconstruction of a 1980s camper to a modern 21st century van that was suitable for our cycling trips and winter holidays in countryside. We have replaced everything - old heating systems, wiring, insulation, added solar panels and customized the interior layout exactly to our needs.

The result impressed everyone in our area and showed what we were (then in miserable conditions) capable of. And so we received requests for another projects and our new path began to emerge. We founded WoodVANs s.r.o., rented a spacious garage and took our lifestyle business to a new level. What used to be fun in our free time combined our personal and professional lives, and drives us for past few years. We went through a series of unique rebuilds, where some of these were very special and challenging, but in the end we managed everything and met all expectations.

Our mission is quite clear. We want to build the best built-in units on the market. The ones that will bring you joy in life and which will not only ordinary cars, but also the way to fulfill your dreams. That's why every van is built with the highest degree of precision and care. We strive for the highest quality, comfort and innovation that accompany us at every step of the way.

"That's why we in WoodVANs believe that the path is important, not the destination."

Who is behind WoodVANs?

Ing. Martin