WoodVANs Moto

The longest, highest and strongest Citroen Jumper L4H3 you can get. At WoodVANs we play strictly on quality and style, so traveling in our home vans is not a compromise of home and travel, but it is a comfortable home on wheels for four people on the road - so you can simply "Live Anywhere".



Garage size

LH 135 x 130 x 220 cm

Water tank

80 l

Ideal family car

With the possibility of individual conversion

Advantages of WoodVANs Moto

We love innovation... Need to charge your tablet, mobile phone or anything else from USB? No problem! USB sockets for direct connection of the devices are placed right in the living area. Economically, but powerful RGB LED lighting ensures enough light for all conditions and hand marquetry furniture will give the interior a unique look. 

Spacious heated garage with retractable bottom for comfortable handling and plenty of space for your 4 cycling jewelry. From our own experience we know that it is not always suitable to store the bikes right after the trip, so we have a direct hose outlet in the garage connected to a 100 l water tank. And don't be afraid to get your garage dirty, it is equipped with a special waterproof material for these purposes. 

Bathroom like it hasn't been here yet? Yes, because it's from WoodVANs. Our all-shell box with toilet and shower guarantees excellent ergometry and space for comfortable everyday use.

The Layout of WoodVANs Moto

Day disposition

Night disposition

Technical specifications and Price list

Product list WoodVANs Moto

Price list WoodVANs Moto

Overview of WoodVANs Conversions

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