WoodVANs Adventure

A workman during the week and a camper van on weekends. That's how you could sum up the philosophy behind the new WoodVANs Adventure, which is an exception to the rest of the WoodVANs by its size (instead of the L4H3, it's the L4H2). This concept assumes a crew of 2 to 4 people but allows for larger loads than any other vehicle in the same or higher class. How is this possible? The main advantage is the spacious garage. When we say spacious, we mean really SPACIOUS!



Garage size

LHD 235 x 185 x 191 cm

Water tank

120 l

The largest garage in its class

with the possibility of customization

Advantages of WoodVANs Adventure

The layout of the WoodVANs Adventure can offer versatile use and a wide range of possibilities for individualisation to suit your needs. The biggest advantage of this variant, which sets it apart from the "rest of the world" (all the vans on the market), is its characteristic oversized garage with a length of 2.3 metres, where the height and width of the utility space are not limited by any equipment in the living area. The emphasis is on maximising the usable space of the garage so that no gas, electronics, tank alcoves limit you when travelling or working.

Do you travel with an ATV? Do you like to go on a trip with two or three "adult" bikes? Do you need a mobile workshop or showroom? Then Adventure is for you!

The idea is that this car could be a workman during the week and be used as a utility vehicle, but allow travel as a proper motorhome with bathroom, kitchen and other facilities at the weekend.

Do you think you can't sleep in a car like that? Wrong! This van has a heated roof superstructure that provides almost unbelievable luxury in the form of a large bed that is 210 cm long and 140 cm wide.

The Layout of the WoodVANs Adventure

Day layout

Night layout

Technical specifications and Price list

Product list WoodVANS Adventure

Price list WoodVANs Advenure

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