WoodVANs Conversions for Your Car

We have a new service for you! You can now have a WoodVANs convert built into your existing van and make it your dream home on 4 wheels. As the current market situation is complicated and there can be a year's wait for new cars, we have decided to offer you the opportunity to install our van conversions in your existing cars.

BLUM cabinet

closing system

Large number of securing points

with Air Line rails

Innovative elements

Van shower kit

High quality materials

Wood, leather, washable PVC

From which Van Conversions You Can Choose

You can choose any of the conversions from the WoodVANs range for your van. It just depends on your preferences. We offer the WoodVANs Moto conversion for motorcycle enthusiasts, which has a washable garage. If you like to go on adventures with the whole family and your travels can't be without bikes, the WoodVANs Freedom is right for you. A worker during the week and a camper on the weekend. That's how you can define a WoodVANs Adventure with a huge garage for your motorbikes, bikes, or ATVs. The WoodVANs Experience provides you with a wide variety of interior spaces and, as a result, a wide range of activities.

WoodVANs Moto

A great option for motorsport enthusiasts. A spacious garage made of easy-to-maintain material can fit a motorcycle and complete equipment.

  • special for transporting motorcycles
  • extended rear bed

WoodVANs Freedom

A garage that can add extendable panels and can fit up to 4 adult bikes. Add to that comfortable sleeping for 4 people, and you have a great home on 4 wheels.

  • largest living and storage space
  • for 4 people

WoodVANs Adventure

Do you like to travel with an ATV, or do you have more bikes at home that you can't travel without? You can get more out of the Adventure than you ever imagined.

  • extra garage space
  • full-size utility and camping van

WoodVANs Experience

Our the most modular solution. It doesn't matter if you travel alone or with your family. Whether you hike, bike, or paddleboard. You can easily customize the experience in minutes for your needs.

  • a variety of options
  • relaxation with a view of the stars

We Install WoodVANs in Commercial Vehicles

What the Process Will Be

We can install a conversion into your van almost immediately. You come to us for a consultation, we'll discuss the specifications and details of your new WoodVANs conversion, and we'll get to work. You'll have your new motorhome ready to go within six months of production.

The process is simple:

  1. We make an appointment.
  2. You show us your van.
  3. We'll sort out the type of build, the equipment required, and other details.
  4. Once everything is ready, we get to work.

What Our Conversions Offer

WoodVANs Moto

Spacious and heated garage with a surface that is waterproof and washable. There is a direct outlet from the 90 l tank directly in the garage to easily wash your bikes or motorbikes.

WoodVANs Adventure

WoodVANs Freedom

A conversion that allows you to live a full life on 4 wheels. A large garage for up to four bikes and sleeping for up to four people. These are the attributes that make Freedom the ideal family car.

WoodVANs Experience

If you need to use your van for work, the Adventure is right for you. What is the main advantage? A 2.3m long garage that won't limit you to any alcoves or compartments.

The Experience will surprise you with an incredible number of variants of the compartment layout. The AirLine bed rails allow you to carry all the equipment you need for your sports activities.

Complete List of Van Coversions

If you are interested in a van conversion of WoodVANs into your existing commercial vehicle, please leave us your contact details and basic information about your car (brand, type, size, year of manufacture). We will contact you back and arrange a meeting together.