WoodVANs Experience

The Experience is built on the longest and most powerful Citroen Jumper L4H2. As with all of our conversions, we've gone the route of maximum quality and uncompromising style with the Experience. As a result, travelling in our vans is not somewhere between home and travel. But it is a home on 4 wheels with no reservations. Simply put - "Live Anywhere."



Garage size

LHD 188 x 140 x 200 cm

Water tank

100 l

A van without compromise

that you can customise

Advantages of WoodVANs Experience

We use only premium materials and sophisticated technologies. For example, cabinet handles. There are none. We use top-quality squeezing mechanisms from BLUM to save space in the living area. Another example is the flooring and lining of the cargo area. You no longer have to deal with every smudge and can simply wash it off with water. And let's not forget the extension of the storage space with our storage pockets, which are tailor-made for WoodVANs.

The garage offers many compartments and a special hanging system replacing classic lockers with removable bags of our production. The whole interior is intelligently detailed with AirLine rails to make the car a camper for 4 people, a mobile garage, or a sportsman's dream. And there are the obvious things like an awning or an outdoor gas connection that lets you pull out the grill and have lunch on the table in minutes. It also offers our own bed hanging system in the rear and a roof extension with an impressive bed area of 210 x 140 cm.

After a day of fun, when you want to rinse off, there's nothing better than getting in the shower and letting the hot water flow over you. Our van shower kit, which includes a toilet, gives you exactly that feeling.

The Layout of the WoodVANs Experience

Day disposition

Night disposition

Technical specifications and Price list

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Price list WoodVANs Experience

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