WoodVANs Built-in Units

For our builds we use mainly the longest and highest CitroenyJumper L4H3 with 160 HP engine. These types have proven us in terms of sufficient space, thanks to which we can afford to integrate extra equipment into the installation. The equipment, which makes WoodVANs built-in units truly unique, is completely based on its own development and experience. Our young team enjoys innovations, and we do things that you won´t see elsewhere.

Technological Features of WoodVANs Built-in Units

Yout comfortable life is our priority

Sliding bed

Allows vertical movement and creates enough space for day and night life.

Laminated-shell bathroom

Made from one piece, so you can be sure there will be no leaks.

Extensible bottom garage

A unique thing for motorcycles, bikes or other large equipment.

Completely "Handmade"

Instead of machines we rely on the skills of the best in the field.

Direct USB ports

Trackers, GPS, mobiles ... whatever you conveniently plug into a USB socket.

Versions of our built-in units:

Version designed for active and comfortable life on 4 wheels: 

  • 4 passengers
  • 4 beds Spacious 
  • Multi-purpose garage Luxury interior

Full-on camper/utility van for versatile use:

  • 2 (5) passengers, 2 (4) beds 
  • Roof sleeper
  • Multipurpose use    

Version for extreme use with extra large garage:

  • 4 people ride, 4 people sleep 
  • Multipurpose extended garage 
  • Highly durable interior    

Highly variable campervan for a wide range of uses:

  • 4 people ride, 4 people sleep
  • Roof sleeper, hanging beds in garage
  • Variable interior

A complete overview of our built-in units in PDF format can be downloaded here: